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A Collaborative Cooper Couple

Lesli Grant-Uribe & Alex Uribe met as transfer students at Cooper Union School of Art in 1987. As a Cooper Couple, they have thrived off of each other's nurturing, creative energy as well as life experiences for over 30 years. 

Alex's work gives new life to used transient, decaying materials, capturing the ephemeral nature of decomposition and revitalizing it into an exciting new art form.

Lesli allows her intuitive nature to guide her process. With respect to the past and confidence in the future, trusting the present clearly brings truth to her canvas. Lesli believes she is unveiling her Visual Diary. She invites, encourages,  hopes the viewer will participate by sharing their reactions, their critiques, in essence, collaborating with Lesli. Please click the link below to share your thoughts. 

With extensive resumes and a litany of exhibitions over the last 30 years, the Uribes have made a conscious decision not to list their history as they believe their work speaks volumes and the past is no longer present.

To learn more about the Uribes, check out the Alex's Studio Tour & Lesli's Documenting Progress page.


Self Portrait                                                          Circa   1996

Self Portrait                       1992

Self Portrait                                                               Circa 2008

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